INDUTRAX Applications

INDUTRAX Applications

Ready-made software applications for the digital factory

As industry 4.0 building blocks, our applications provide a framework for the agile implementation of specific solutions.

Pre-configured templates and functional components are used to implement the target use cases of the application, reducing customer and project-specific customisation to the absolute minimum.

All applications are based on the INDUTRAX Application Environment, a scalable platform that integrates a wide range of positioning, identification and sensor technologies and thus makes them usable in combination. All digitization technologies can be used independently or combined, in outdoor as well as indoor areas, plant-specific or even cross-plant in the same solution.


Elimination of unproductive search times

The AssetFinder application is a simple, inexpensive introduction to the use of tracking technology. The user interfaces provide intuitive access to search functions and map material for displaying location information of tracked objects.

Use cases:

  • Query and locate objects

The AssetFinder application can be extended to the AssetTracker or ProductTracker application to enable real-time object monitoring and event generation with automatic notification functions, interfaces to external systems and historical evaluations.


Display of context sensitive information on the shop floor with e-ink display technology

With the help of eLABELManager, data to be displayed in the warehouse and in production can be automatically kept up to date. Changes in quantity and status, prioritization or special activity can be displayed ad-hoc and directly on the shop floor using electronic labels.

The application ensures synchronization of the data to be displayed with the production/logistics control system (ERP/MES/WMS) and transfers the data to the eLabel securely and according to a set of configurable rules.

Use cases:

  • Transferring display information to e-ink displays

The eLABELManager application can be upgraded to the ASSETTracker or PRODUKTTracker applications to implement functions that enable the location of eLabel-equipped objects with live monitoring including automatic notification functions as well as the evaluation of historical information.


Provide transparency for asset management in a geographical and geoschematic context

The ASSETTracker application enables location-based management of assets such as containers, racks, transport vehicles, tools, etc. Master data of the relevant objects are automatically synchronised with the lead systems. Notification functions when defined events occur, e.g. leaving a restricted zone, arriving at the plant, falling below the minimum number in a zone, etc., enable automatic monitoring of the relevant processes. Historical data is available in the form of reports for analysis purposes.

Use cases (examples):

  • Location-based management of containers in circulation, stillages, racks, etc., also across multiple sites
  • Location-based management of industrial trucks and transport vehicles, also across multiple sites
  • Location-based management of shared resources, tools requiring calibration, etc.
  • Assisted retrieval of eKanBan, notifications and consignment from pick list
  • Reporting


Providing transparency for production and logistics processes in a geographical and geo-schematic context

The PRODUCTTracker application supports location-based tracking of parts, components, semi-finished and finished products in an industrial process. Master data for the relevant production orders, including production plans if required, is automatically transferred from the leading systems. Notification functions when defined events occur, such as exceeding the maximum length of stay in a buffer or process step, violation of the specified production sequence, etc., enable automated monitoring of the target processes. Historical data is available in the form of reports for analysis purposes.

Use cases (examples):

  • Automatic recording of the work in progress
  • Automatic tracking of finished products in the test and certification process
  • Automatic tracking of finished products in the delivery process
  • Dashboards
  • Reporting


Download the Fact-Sheet PRODUCTTRACKER as pdf (2MB)

German Version

English Version


Location and tracking vehicles in public transport depots

The BusTracker application provides access to map material for displaying the parking positions of tracked buses and trams in the depot. The vehicles are displayed true to scale in the parking lanes and bays, so that the current free parking positions can be determined automatically. As an option, the real-time display of the bus positions on their routes can be integrated into the display. Master data of the objects under consideration is automatically transferred from the depot management system and the current parking positions are reported back to the management system.

Use cases:

  • Display of the parking positions of buses and trams, updating the depot management system with real-time data
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